We specialize in the design and development of advanced propulsion systems and small power systems. Our engines are developed for combatant craft, ground vehicles, multi-fuel requirements, generators, racing, and other high performance applications. We develop for performance, compact size, low weight, endurance, and efficiency depending on customer requirements.
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We have 3 dynamometers for engine prototyping, performance testing, diagnostics, and 24 hour/day endurance testing.

Marine craft and Ground vehicles
Diesel or Gas
Alernative fuels
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EngineTec has years of experience in engine simulations using leading edge software by Optimum-Power. Our expertise in CAD design and model loading allows us to assemble new engines virtually, optimize existing designs, and study proposed modifications to get optimum power and efficiency of components before implementing in production.
High Performance Engine Design

Engine Testing


Engine air flow testing

Strength analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Turbo charging

Super charging

ECM development
Fuels and lubricants testing and analysis

In-cylinder pressure analysis and mapping

Computer aided design (CAD)

CAD to Cam prototype and production
Rapid prototype modeling

Custom fabrication and welding

Computer numerical code (CNC) machining.